William R. Soldan

An American fiction writer and poet from northeast Ohio

In Just the Right Light, by William R. Soldan

Thirteen stories of loss and longing from Rust Belt Ohio,
where the past still lingers and hope for the future is in short supply.

March 12, 2019 – Unsolicited Press

soldan1.jpgIn Just the Right Light is a book of snapshots and alleyways leading us to heartbreak, tough choices and tiny victories. These stories continually challenge and return us to our own shortcomings and a world in need of repair….Together, these stories are a collection of risks. And American prose needs more risks like them.”
—Eric Wasserman, author of Celluloid Strangers and The Temporary Life

“William R. Soldan’s people live with the realities of violence and terrible childhoods, jail and hard living. In story after story, there’s a craftsman’s eye for undiluted heart-crushing detail that can kill you with a simple-sounding sentence, stories in which a hundred bucks might cure everything and heroin addicts and twelve-steppers alike go off-course one last time before foundering in new but not exactly better waters. These stories are rock-solid revelations.” —Rusty Barnes, author of Reckoning and Knuckledragger


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William R. Soldan is an American fiction writer and poet from northeast Ohio whose work has been published in dozens of journals, magazines, and anthologies. He teaches workshops focused on establishing place, developing voice, and exploring hybrid forms.

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